Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Minns, the Law, and all That Jazz

Readers who closely follow events in the Anglican Peyton Place will recall that Martyn Minns, rector of the Truro Episcopal church in Virginia, was a made a bishop in the Anglican Church of Nigeria a while back, in clear violation of four centuries of Anglican polity. Last weekend he led his Virginia parish in a vote to secede from the Episcopal Church and affiliate with the Church of Nigeria. [I don't think those tablets Moses received said anything explicit about self-serving, thanks be to God!]

As usual, Father Jake is on the job! Father Jake analyzed Minns' and other parishes' willingness to affiliate with the Archbishop of Akinola, and particularly honed in on the question, "Does Abp. Akinola Want to Jail All Gays?" There he explains the legislation Nigeria's Archbishop Akinola is pushing to criminalize not merely homosexual activity, but even discussions of or statements in support of human rights for homosexuals in Nigeria. And don't miss Jim Naughton's marvelous piece, "Dining While Gay." After the votes in Virginia, Father Jake reports, "Truro and Falls Church Vote in Favor of Bigotry."

Smarter and more thoughtful folks than I are hard at work analyzing this ecclesial chaos. I will be satisfied here to share a photograph that our friend Louie Crew has found -- a most damning photograph of now-Bishop Minns which, if discovered, may result in +Minns' being jailed for 5 years by his new Primate in Nigeria. (Is it just me? Or does that hug look suspiciously passionate??)

Better stay in the U.S., Bishop Minns! In Nigeria, this could get you arrested.

Update: Father Jake agrees with me! but, as usual, is even more articulate about why.


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