Saturday, November 18, 2006

MadPriest's Sermon for the Day

And speaking of the beloved MadPriest, his sermon for November 19 is now posted on his site, and it's a fine one. Here's a snippet, to tease you into going over there:

Back when I was driving for a living I got stuck one day in a traffic jam. A lorry had tipped over going round the roundabout up the road. Its load was thousands of crates of live battery hens. As I slowly passed the scene of the accident I could see that many of the crates had broken open. But the hens that were still alive just sat there in the crates or near to the crates. Although they had the opportunity to run away into the surrounding countryside and freedom, they didn’t. They must have been scared to run away, but I believe the main reason they didn’t make their escape was that having spent all their lives in cages, they didn’t know that they could run away.

So often, we live our lives as if we are in a cage, and although the door to the cage has been opened by our rescuer, we still sit there enduring what we are used to in stead of accepting the freedom that is right there in front of us.

I believe this story – and the lesson he draws from it – will stay with me for a long time. Thanks, Maddie. It's not even Sunday here across the pond, and I've already been richly blessed.


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