Monday, November 06, 2006

Hope has Come Home

From the time of Bishop Jefferts Schori's investiture as Presiding Bishop, I have been voraciously reading other blogs and websites. This one spoke most powerfully to me. It is written by Katie Sherrod, a faithful Episcopalian trying to keep hope alive in the Diocese of Fort Worth. Listen to her words. And if, like me, you reside in a diocese that is a faithful Episcopalian one, thank God for your good fortune.

Something new took up residence in the Episcopal Church on Saturday, Nov. 4.

It is Hope, and it’s come home.

It moved in with the wind of the Holy Spirit, filling the National Cathedral with a palpable presence.You could not only feel it, you could see it. It was in the streamers flying above our heads. It was in the dancing feet. It was in the flames on the candles and in the smoke of the smudgers.

We breathed it in and felt it homesteading our hearts.

I suspect it made its presence felt at different times for different people. For me, it was when Katharine called us all home.I’ve felt like a homeless child in the church for a long time. Where I live, a lot of people feel that way for very different reasons.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lisa, you can take a lot of hope in our new PB. She warmly greeted my partner and me at the end of the liturgy on Saturday. She has met us before, because we all read the General Ordination Examinations. I think we can begin to dream wildly, even though it still is going to take time.

PS. If you want to see some more photos of the investiture, go to my blog and also

11/09/2006 3:33 PM  

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