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Battling the Powers & Principalities

Until today, I had held-off from labeling our opponents as "evil." The gloves are off now. I'm now ready to say those people are evil and slimy. Certainly not all of them. God knows, there are a few people of integrity on the conservative side. But they are being led by the nose and bankrolled by slime-buckets – or what my friend Elizabeth would call bottom-feeders.

Here's how I came to that conclusion. I sat with this all day, trying to decide what I want/need to do with/about it. And I finally decided that everyone in our church needs to know about this.

Let me begin with some background, which many of you do not know. After I created the blog for The Episcopal Majority, someone created a site called The Episcopal Majority which seeks to denigrate ours. It's a pitifully lame site. I don't go there. I think it's probably the invention of one man sitting in a very badly soiled bathrobe, who gets his jollies by making fun of honest-to-God faithful Episcopalians. Do not visit his site, lest you excite him so that he further soils his already filthy bathrobe.

A couple weeks ago, we decided to create an honest-to-goodness fully-functional website, not mere blog, for The Episcopal Majority. Imagine our surprise to discover some "conservative" had gone in just ahead of us and laid claim to the domain names "" and "" Initially, we were ticked! But then we realized we were dealing with a lying, deceitful, and very frightened fraud. He/They thought he/they could fight us by laying claim to our name. This is exactly the tactic that +Duncan is trying: He is trying to pretend that he and his cabal are The Episcopal Church. Any sane person knows he/they are not. But these people are sufficiently sick with their power-grab that they believe their claims. So do the people who registered our name as their web domains. Friends, these are very sick people, bent on control. And they will stop at nothing. No deed is too low for them. I name them evil. They are the powers and principalities against which we must contend.

But do not be deceived, my friends. You can find us at our brand spankin' new website: The Episcopal Majority.

The liars and thieves want to take over our church and our identity. They are trying to steal our parishes and whole dioceses. Of course they would not hesitate to steal Web-addresses. Our only fault was that we made the mistake of believing we were dealing with honorable people. But these are not honorable people. They are thieves and liars. I have friends in Network dioceses who tried to tell me that. But I did not "get it" until I saw the smarmy, cheap shots that the Network crowd would resort to.

But they will not succeed. Because they are pitiful, pitiable, and despicable little people – people who have not one single new idea in their little pea-brains. They have not had a new idea since our church decided to ordain women. They are the very emblem of bottom-feeders. All they have is a desire to co-opt our strength and our ideas. Your strength and support already tells me these nay-sayers have lost.

Now for the latest chapter in this little drama.

The shriveled little pecker masquerading as "em" on the lying site decided to take a big ol' swipe at me. I'm posting that entry in full here. When I first read it, it seemed to hurt, of course. But ya know what? Having had 12 hours to think about it now, I'm proud that this little anonymous twit decided to post this. As my friend ToeWalker said, "The Darkness will only attack what it fears. Well, the Darkness is at it again. Fearing who we are and what we are about, we are now under personal attack. Rather than call into question our ideals, those who wish to do us harm are now attacking us on a very, very personal level."

As an aside: This also makes me very proud that we on The Episcopal Majority have decided to be completely transparent about who we are. You can find us and our names on our new site. But this little weenie is hiding behind a cloak of anonymity – the last, best refuge of a coward.

Let them take their best shot. All they have done is motivate me to post more often and more passionately on this blog. Obviously, I have those forces of darkness worried. May I make them more so.

As their hero said many months ago: Bring it on!

And now, without further ado, here's what the anonymous little chicken chose to say about me in the post entitled Lisa Fox—Episcopal Majority leader?

Lisa L. Fox is involved. The Senior Conservator of the Missouri State Archives is also the creator and an administrator of a blog for the organization known as The Episcopal Majority. More recently she helped create a website for the organization. She maintains her own blog—My Manner of Life and is member and Eucharistic Minister at Grace Episcopal Church, Jefferson City.

Her spot on the GPS grid brings some tensions. In the
About me sidebar on her blog, she writes “I’m a progressive Episcopalian now living in the conservative Midwest and feeling a bit like a ‘stranger in a strange land.’”

The Episcopal Majority organization became vitally important to her after her deep disappointments with the Episcopal Church’s General Convention (GC) in Columbus (2006). Her grief was as deep as her joy had been high after the approval by GC 2003 of Gene Robinson to be the first person living in a gay relationship to be made a bishop for the Anglican Communion.

Her words
posted on Louie Crew’s website in 2005: “My heart sang on that weekend morning when I heard of his selection by the diocese of New Hampshire, and my heart soared when I heard that GC03 had approved that consecration.” She follows with this: “But so too has my heart wept with the nasty, divisive language that has come from the minority in TEC and the (apparent?) majority of the Anglican Communion in the past almost-two years.”

It got worse for her at GC 2006. She writes
in a recent post on her blog: “I started writing because I was angry and hurting about what happened during GC06, in the still-infamous B033.”

That resolution, passed under extreme pressure from the Presiding Bishop and Presiding Bishop Elect (both supporters of the gay cause in TEC) reads:

“Resolved, That the 75th General Convention receive and embrace The Windsor Report’s invitation to engage in a process of healing and reconciliation; and be it further

Resolved, That this Convention therefore call upon Standing Committees and bishops with jurisdiction to exercise restraint by not consenting to the consecration of any candidate to the episcopate whose manner of life presents a challenge to the wider church and will lead to further strains on communion.

The name of Ms. Fox’s blog–My Manner of Life–picks up a line of the resolution as a protest. The other step she took was to join the efforts of the Episcopal Majority organization. See
Who are The Episcopal Majority? for the official purpose statement. Lisa Fox’s more lively purpose statement is: “…to take back our Church from the right-wing extremists.”

Lisa Fox is passionate about this cause.
She writes out the reason for her visceral reactions:

Like most gay Episcopalians, I’ve been called names … stalked … attacked … beaten … all my life for being gay. I grew up (from ca. age 7) knowing I was “queer.” And I have endured verbal and physical attacks. B033 felt like another attack – and I underscore "felt"!
Lisa Fox testifies to suffering, but we must ask whether her position and way of supporting it represents the majority of Episcopalians, as her organization claims in its name. We are not going to tackle her claim (found in the post linked to above) that: “Most Episcopalians are comfortable with the full inclusion of gay people in all orders of ministry.” We don’t believe that has been established by a scientific poll. Time will tell how accurate the claim is. The reader is part of the answer.

But, we see a severe disconnect between the ideal for Christian reconciliation Lisa Fox writes about and her uniformly virulent descriptions of all those she most differs with in the Episcopal Church.

The ideal she cites, describing her Episcopal Majority co-workers: “…they are – as I am – determined that we will succeed in keeping The Episcopal Church a place that can embrace different opinions as we strive to seek and serve Christ together and in one another.”

Later in the same post she extols this ideal: “what holds us together is that we pray together and we go to the altar together while we seek the Truth together.”

Now listen to the invective; ask yourself if this fits these ideals. Ask yourself if it represents the real Episcopal majority:

-From the same post as the ideals affirmed above: “I don’t mind
naming names and kickin’ butt, because those organizations personify the “whited sepulchres” Jesus condemned.” The links are to the Anglican Communion Network and the American Anglican Council.

-In a post called
Passionate Hatred, she reports on finding this quotation from Eric Hoffer (the longshoreman philosopher):

Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life. Thus people haunted by the purposelessness of their lives try to find new content not only by dedicating themselves to a holy cause, but also by nursing a fanatical grievance.
To whom does she apply these words about emptiy lives?: “Yep! Now I understand what those people are saying over on the conservative blogs! Passionate hatred R them.”

Lisa Fox doesn’t have a ghost of an idea about the character and manner of Bishops Duncan, Salmon, Howe, Ackerman or a “reasserting” leader and blogger like Kendall Harmon. I can’t name another group who so consistently exemplify gentleness, grace, and Christian love more than these leaders do. Where I sense a consuming kind of hatred is in the consistent words of Lisa Fox.

In another post, Ms. Fox writes:

I do my best to prowl the blogosphere to see what horrors and evils are attempting to destroy The Episcopal Church. This one made my blood run cold. And it typifies what is at stake in the battle between the traditional, mainstream Episcopalians and those who want to take-over The Episcopal Church and re-shape it in some sort of fundamentalist image.
The perpetrator of evil in this case is
Brad Drell. Lisa Fox gives him the title: “the Knight of What It Means to Be Truly ‘Orthodox’.”

-Then, possibly to lighten up a little, we have
Lisa Fox’s depiction of the Primates of the Anglican Communion

Many Episcopalians just aren’t accustomed to thinking of themselves as part of the Anglican Communion. So as we deal with Archbishops and synods and so on, there’s often some confusion. You may have read about the importance of the Primates’ Meeting, and about how the Archbishop of Canterbury can’t decide what to do about the Episcopal Church until he consults with the primates, but you don’t really know what a primate is or what one looks like. Well, here you are!
Let’s not cry “racist” and let’s admit that few of us are thrilled with the title “Primate.” But I don’t know any other way to take this photoshop effort than the obvious one—the “global south” Primates are a bunch of monkeys. It would be consistent with all you find in her blog.

Nowhere have we have found that Lisa Fox addresses conservatives (or reasserters, or whatever) who are active in supporting the historic convictions of the Anglican Communion in terms of her professed ideals of prayer and an invitation to the Lord’s Table. All is invective.

Does this leader of the organization known as The Episcopal Majority represent the real Episcopal majority? We don’t think so.

A final sadness about Lisa Fox comes from
her characterization of General Convention (2006) Resolution D058, titled “Salvation Through Christ Alone.” She can only see it as a “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?” resolution. She is unable to envision that it might have had a positive motive behind it—calling to the foreground the Church’s mission of witness. She calls it a “tiresome, unnecessary resolution.”
Never mind the very bad theology and soteriology in that ill-conceived resolution. Mostly, it’s just bad because the people who took it to General Convention wanted to embarrass The Episcopal Church much more than they wanted to glorify Christ. OK, that’s their schtick. Let it be upon their heads.
Her theology and soteriology?:
I may engage a personal shopper or a personal trainer or a personal assistant, but I don’t have a personal savior. I have the same one everyone else has, and I have him by virtue of having been created through him. My salvation is my return to him, from the midst of the worst muck-ups into which I can stumble. It is not my reward for good behavior or for having the right answer when someone asked me a question about him.
The abysmal lack of awareness of the classic Christian gospel, which gospel is the engine of the Anglican Communion Network, is truly sobering. We pray that this does not represent the true Episcopal majority.

Postscript: Now in May 2007, the increasingly desperate "leaders" of the StandFirm site have sent their lackeys to this posting of mine. I'm not sure why. But it led me to notice that (in my early days of blogging) I had not paid much attention to the formatting of this post. So I've now tried to clean up the formatting. I hope this will improve the aim of the StandFirm crowd. The further we get into this whole thing, the more they make me laugh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


This one's for you

Don't let the bastards get you down.

9/21/2006 5:47 AM  
Blogger Toewalker said...

Lisa, I'm copying your post (less what the chickenshit bastard, "Em" had to say) and putting it up on my blog too.

9/21/2006 8:26 AM  
Blogger KJ said...

Hey Lisa!

You have no reason to consider any thoughts from me, but for what it's worth...

I'm not sure what is to be gained by granting this author any power over you or any space on your blog. He has provided you with free "publicity", albeit not positive, but his misrepresentation of your positions will already be believed by most of his readers, and for those who don't, they'll come to check out your writings with a piqued curiosity. When we respond to attacks with ad hominem responses, we would appear to be the fearful ones, and we really have nothing to be afraid of.

The work of "The Episcopal Majority" is far too important to waste any energy or peace upon the silliness of others. I'm sure that there is a great deal of more sillines to come. You gotta pace yourself girl! :-)

Peace of Christ

9/21/2006 3:14 PM  
Blogger Lisa Fox said...

The anonymous "Contratimes" said:
First of all, it is too bad that what you posted from Jeffrey Simbeck is so fragmented. It is incredibly difficult to read. You might want to edit it.

Read it again, "Contratimes." Move your lips, if you need to. Jeffrey did not post that long drivel. That long text came from the snivelling anonymous person hiding behind a curtain pretending to be S/he is a liar and fraud. I did not bother to clean up his/her fonts or fragments, because s/he is an illiterate idiot who is trying to create a website without the basic knowledge of HTML. And it seemed important to me that readers here should see and know what an imbecile that poor person is. You made my point for me. Thanks!

Just don't confuse that idiot in his/her soiled bathrobe with the smart, good-hearted people speaking in their own voices over at the real Episcopal Majority.

9/21/2006 10:26 PM  
Blogger Lisa Fox said...

Friends, some anonymous poster named "Contratimes" posted a comment here that was almost as long as my post. I deleted it. If "Contratimes" wants to get his/her own blog, then s/he should do so. But I am sick and tired of letting those people come into my blog and deliver their voluminous, rambling, hate-mongering sermons.

The gloves are indeed off. I am not going to tolerate people who wander over here, pretending to want "dialogue," when all they really want is to lecture. I -- and we -- have listened long enough to their smarmy, self-righteous diatribes. They will go "poof" here as soon as I discover them.

I will -- with God's help! -- make this a safe space for honest-to-God Episcopalians. But I am through giving space to the hate-mongerers.

Contratimes, you are outta here. Your People are hanging out over at StandFirm and "Virtue." Enjoy their company. Drink in their milk of Christian kindness. My days of tolerating people who call me and my friends names are over. You helped me make that decision.

I know where the "delete" button is, and I am going to be very, very quick to use it. My friends, you are safe. But the whited sepulchres are going to be deleted into their longed-for eternity. I am through with them.

Intemperately yours --

9/21/2006 10:57 PM  
Blogger Lisa Fox said...

KJ, I heard your comments and have pondered them long and hard.

Here is why I posted the liar's comments on my blog: (1) They are pretty inarticulate, and thus give a sense of the low-level intelligence we are dealing with. (2) They show the hatred that fills the "other side." S/he might delete his/her blog. I wanted to keep those comments here. (3) I am not going to urge people to go over to that other blog. So I had to post the comments here.

KJ, hear this clearly: Yes, when a friend first showed me what had been posted there, it hurt. A lot. But it has morphed. I don't hurt any more. I am just angry. Those people are liars and frauds. And they need to be named as such. I will be doing that here, and on any other blogs/websites in which I am involved. These people are evil, and people need to recognize them as such. That is why I needed to capture and preserve that liar's comments here.

Fear, KJ? There is not one ounce of fear in my response to those people. Disdain? Yes. Loathing? You bet. But I got over "fear" in the last many hours. The people writing that stuff are the worms and insects who see that their dream world is evaporating before their eyes. I have nothing to fear in that. I just watch them wriggle and scream.

9/21/2006 11:12 PM  
Blogger Lisa Fox said...

This is way cool! Just in the past hour, while I've been trying to engage those of you with real questions, I have had the delight of deleting 4 different comments. Friends, I am not going to let those people come in here. They need to hang with the cretins at StandFirm and "Virtue."

Note to you BottomFeeders: Your comments will not remain here over 12 hours. Go back into your cave. This is my blog, and I own it. You want to spew your hate? Get your own blog. The price is free, after all: you can surely afford that.

9/21/2006 11:17 PM  
Blogger Flutegirl said...

I see a video game coming out of this. The heads of Akinola, Duncan, etc. popping out of holes a la the scene in "The Yellow Submarine." Lisa, Toewalker, MadPriest, Fr. Jake etc. are armed with snappy comebacks, withering comments, thinly veiled sarcasm, and TRUTH and take pot-shots at the heads as they bob up and down. We could call it "Lisa's 'It's MY blog' Smackdown."

9/22/2006 12:50 AM  
Blogger Lisa Fox said...

I don't know about those other details, but you are getting the gist of it, Flutegirl. This is my blog. I am flat sick and tired of sharing it with the Pharisees. It's way beyond high time that those people got their own sites. They are not going to be allowed to rest their sorry butts on mine any more.

They've already shown they want to steal our parishes and dioceses. I am no longer willing to give them space to steal air-time on my dinky little blog.

9/22/2006 1:07 AM  
Blogger Saint Pat said...

Lisa, I do believe in spiritual forces, and when I first became aware of the AAC (that was in the old pre-Network days), I could feel the evil running through it. There are good but misguided people there, but the organization is riddled with it.

It helps to remember our struggle is not with flesh and blood, but with the evil that lures them in -- the powers and principalities.

The sad thing is, some people rush to embrace evil. Like Matthew Shephard's attackers. Like Peter Akinola. Like some of the AAC/Network leaders and henchmen.

"Em" basically just doesn't have enough sense to come in out of the rain, playing investigative journalist by quoting you from your own blog. Idiot.

Just don't let his shit affect you. Don't give him any control over you.

I'm saying prayers for you, for a hedge of protection around you, to keep that stuff from getting to you.

We all need to remember to pray for each other.

Oh, dear, now my preachy side is coming out, so I'll sign off.

As MadPriest said, "Don't let the bastards get you down."

Blessings. You're doing wonderful things.

And I am a member of the Episcopal Majority!

9/24/2006 11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such language!

I know this comment will not live long, but I have to point out that this post has more irrational invective, more hateful name-calling and more unfounded vitriol than anything I have read on any conservative blog (although I can't speak to Virtue's site, which I avoid).

I'm truly sorry that (apparently) you have been so badly hurt. I pray for peace for you. But it is quite obvious that you have no understanding of the conservative Episcopalians or who they are. You have often shown yourself to be thoughtful, but this post reads like the ravings of a lunatic.

I hope you know some reasonable, compassionate, thoughtful conservative episcopalians with whom you can have an actual discussion as opposed the cartoonish devils you have drawn here.

10/02/2006 10:17 AM  
Blogger Cheezit59 said...


I'm shaking my head, wondering why someone would want to "pray together and go to the altar together" when you use these kinds of epithets - or why you would want to do anything with someone you have such a poor opinion of:
**slime bucket
**one man sitting in a very badly soiled bathrobe
**lying, deceitful, and very frightened fraud
**pitiful, pitiable, and despicable little people
**shriveled little pecker
**little anonymous twit
**the anonymous little chicken
**this little weenie
not to mention the ever popular "bottom feeder"

Of course you moderate it with the assertion that there are a "few people of integrity on the conservative side". Thanks for the crumb - thank goodness none of THEM have tweaked your temper.

I looked at this em guy's post, and didn't find any of the ranting, juvenile name-calling and character-gashing that you are showing - that seems to be here in your post. I saw him calling into question your attitudes and conclusions, and making his own judgment about what you think by referencing what you have posted in public. You, on the other hand, verbally abuse, denigrate, and humiliate him "on a very, very personal level". Why - because he stole your website name? Puleez.

Is this the witness of your Episcopal Majority? Check please, I'm outta here!!!

10/11/2006 4:18 PM  
Blogger Bill Carroll said...

First, Lisa has a right to be angry and to vent and to expose in whatever manner she finds helpful. This is an intensely personal and vile attack, and we owe her love and support.

Second, we can share the sacrament of the altar with "slime buckets," et al. because if there is one thing the Gospels make clear it is that Christ has incredibly "low" standards as to who gets invited. Or is it an incredibly "high" standard because each and every human being, as such, is a child of God, "slime bucket" or not.

Third, Lisa's comments don't imply that every person on the conservative side deserves all the epithets she uses, but if the shoe fits...

6/02/2007 11:25 PM  

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