Thursday, August 10, 2006

Acolyte to the Order of St. Verbosa

I’ve been reading the HoBD listserv ever since Canon Gene Robinson was elected to be the Bishop of New Hampshire. During GC03, I was quite frustrated that the Episcopal News Service was giving pitifully thin coverage to what I believed were earth-shattering events in our Church.

This little nobody Episcopalian had the temerity to correspond with one of the ENS staff members during GC03, asking, “Why aren’t you giving us real, in-depth coverage of what is happening?” That kind woman actually took the time to reply to me, and sent me links to some of the websites and blogs that were giving less official – but more immediate – coverage.

And that’s when I became a reader of blogs.

Ever since that summer of 2003, I’ve been following the blogs and websites closely. And I’ve been following the news of The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion more closely than most of the people with whom I share the Eucharist each Sunday.

Once I signed onto the HoBD listserv, I also had the temerity to correspond with some of the Bishops and Deputies who regularly post there. I developed relationships with a few of them. There were a few people on that listserv who were more talkative than others. Eventually, those most talkative ones met during GC06 and jokingly named themselves “The Order of St. Verbosia,” because of their self-confessed tendency to drone on and on.

In my parish, the ministry that means most to me is my ministry as an acolyte and – more important – crucifer. During GC06, I corresponded fairly often with some of the “Verbosians.” One thing led to another, and – after my impassioned entreaties – one of them deigned to commission me [by all the power invested in her – or not –] "Acolyte to the Order of St. Verbosa." It’s a badge I wear proudly!

Yes, I am verbose. Other bloggers are much more adept at making their points briefly, and I bow to their talent. But I make mine in longhand. I am a Verbosian.

As crucifer, I stand ready to bring the Verbosians whatever elements they need. If it’s the elements of the Eucharist, I’ll stand by their side, offering my fervent prayers in support of theirs. Or if one of them is getting hoarse and needs a cup of water, this Acolyte will run into the sacristy and grab that for them, too. If they just need me to hold their chasuble while they fight for the real essence of the Anglican way of believing, I’ll be all too honored to hold that chasuble.

In the current parlance of the right wing, I believe this makes me a “running-dog for the Episcopalian progressives.” Fine! I’ll wear that badge proudly, too. The role of the Crucifer is my most meaningful one in my parish. I believe it makes me the person who “lifts high the Cross” and attends upon those who can speak most powerfully for our Lord.

I’m not one of those who can speak most powerfully. I don’t have the theological education that would arm me to go into that battle for our faith. But I can serve those who can. I can serve the Verbosians. And I can serve my Lord by supporting those who are more passionate and articulate than I.

I was singularly proud to be dubbed “Acolyte to the Order of St. Verbosa.” That’s my name, and I’m stickin’ to it. And I’ll claim it as permission to be too verbose throughout this blog of mine.


Blogger ... said...

If the Verbosians have need of a torch or a substitute crucifer, count me in. I think I know where I can nab a FABulous thurifer too.

(and I also do a passable bass in the choir, and have been known to usher)

8/11/2006 8:15 AM  
Blogger Frair John said...

I could be their Verger I suppose.

BTW - I found my way to your blog via Father Jake. I think this is one of the finest blogs I've read in a while. thank you for sharing.

8/12/2006 4:25 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Hey, you guys are on your own! I earned my honorific by corresponding with various Verbosians and proving I could be just as verbose as they! ;-)

John Robison, thanks for the kind comments. Father Jake isn't my local priest, but he sure is my Web pastor! I don't know what we'd do without his ministry.

8/12/2006 7:49 PM  

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