Monday, July 31, 2006

A Sign of the Times in My Little Corner of the World

As I was driving around town yesterday, I passed one of the larger Southern Baptist churches, and was appalled to see a notice on their marquis that they would be hosting an anti-cloning rally tonight with Alan Keyes as speaker. I thought, “This can’t be true. Surely a National Disgrace of Alan Keyes’ stature is not coming to our little backwater town.” But, alas, he is. I checked it out.

The event was billed as one to rally all Christians against stem cell research. Because our state has a constitutional amendment on the ballot this fall protecting stem cell research. But the right-wingers are trying to frame the debate as one against “human cloning.” Yawn! The so-called Christians are so boringly stupid (but, unfortunately, effective) in their anti-intellectualism.

When I got onto the Web and did a Google search to find more details, I didn’t find much. Except these.

The Missouri Baptist Convention proclaims: Cloning rally to feature Keyes:
Rick Scarborough, founder of Vision America, is organizing five rallies around Missouri to mobilize pastors for the fight against the proposed constitutional amendment promoting embryonic stem cell research, or cloning. . . . Concord Baptist Church will be hosting a rally July 31 that will feature former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Alan Keyes, a powerful pro-life orator and close friend of Scarborough. . . . ‘Alan Keyes is a principled conservative driven by his own love for Christ,’ Scarborough said.
“Principled conservative driven by his love for Christ”??? How about “hypocritical bigot driven by his love for glory and hate for his own lesbian daughter”???

The VisionAmerica website gives details for other rallies in Missouri where Keyes will be speaking.

I don’t know anyone who was aware that Keyes was appearing in my little backwater town. I tried to identify any groups organizing a protest against this bigoted hate-monger appearing here, but I could not find a peep being said. Maybe others around our state will have advance notice and be able to organize protests.

We must not let these narrow-minded Christianists kidnap the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!

EDIT 08.02.06: Friends you must flip over to the "Comments" section to see ToeWalker's hilarious comment!


Blogger ... said...

I can't believe that anyone would give Alan Keyes the time of day, let alone a forum. Well, actually I can imagine that someone would, but I wish it weren't so.

The man just makes me ill. Isn't it karmic that his daughter is an out lesbian?


8/01/2006 10:02 AM  
Blogger ... said...

...Cloning rally to feature Keyes..."

Everytime I scroll past that, I can't help but think: "Who in the world would want to clone Alan Keyes??"

8/02/2006 4:37 PM  

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